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Welcome to Pollyanna Project Foundation. I am Donna Moore Stewart, co-founder and the host of Pozytyve Radio 106.9 FM. I am delighted to have you join us. 

Currently, I am nominated an included in the 2022 U.S. PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD and I am truly both humbled and honored for this great recognition.  


I would be honored to connect and share our ideas and future plans for Pollyanna Project and how you can become a partner to help us reach those goals. 

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My Story

Also known as Auntie Donna, is married to her wonderful husband, Elder Carl Stewart. God has blessed them both with their twin sons, fifteen years old, Jahleel and Jahzeel Stewart.

Donna Moore-Stewart was born in the beautiful Paradise island of Kingston Jamaica. Donna, the second of six siblings and the oldest girl, grew up in a home where she peddled, struggled and work hard alongside her mother to simply do whatever she could to help the family. From this humble beginning and well-intentioned efforts, Donna discovered at a young age that she was a resilient and strong leading woman.


Additionally, Donna also learned how to discover needs, find solutions, and give back more that she receives. She is efficient, detail-oriented and extremely competent. Her excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all kinds of people and inspire them to put forth their best effort. Donna has an excellent rapport with people of all ages.

In 1988, Donna Moore-Stewart migrated to the USA with a burning desire to succeed, be the BEST she can be, help others and change the world. Donna knew then, that her success will depend primarily on God’s strength and her ability to ‘just make it happen’.

During her years in the USA, Donna worked hard to pay her bills and after several jobs, she pursued her life’s long dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She is a licensed Cosmetologist, operate and owns a Beauty Salon as a competent Skin Care Consultant. Donna is also a license Real Estate Sales Agent, songwriter, and Executive producer of the popular song titled, ‘Solid Prayer’, September 2018. From there, Donna Moore-Stewart aimed to meet higher potentials, took on new challenges, and strived hard to go beyond expectations.

In 2019, Donna Moore-Stewart took on an active role in serving the world as a radio show host where she broadcasts daily from Fever FM 97.7. Later that same year, Donna took her passion to the next level and organized, and host her radio programs on 105.3.FM and 97.3 FM. Her message is clear ‘Pozytyve Praise’ and love for ‘Love is A Powerful Vitamin’. Donna Moore-Stewart was mostly instrumental in creating her Covid-19 show, ‘Midnight Snack Insomnia’ which was held every night at midnight from April –June 2020. Out of Midnight Insomnia, then birth ‘Pozytyve Praise’ with Auntie Donna and her co-host, Uncle Tahj, which is the high light on radio and social media. Donna More-Stewart is also a motivational speaker at events such as Career Day in the New York City public school.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!