Donna Stewart, also known as Auntie Donna, is married to her wonderful husband, Elder Carl Stewart. God has blessed them both with their twin sons, fifteen years old, Jahleel and Jahzeel Stewart. Donna Moore-Stewart was born in the beautiful Paradise island of Kingston Jamaica.


Donna, the second of six siblings and the oldest girl, grew up in a home where she peddled, struggled, and work hard alongside her mother to simply do whatever she could to help the family. From this humble beginning and well-intentioned efforts, Donna discovered at a young age that she was a resilient and strong leading woman. 

Additionally, Donna also learned how to discover needs, find solutions and give back more that she received. Donna Stewart aimed to meet higher potentials, took on new challenges, and strived hard to go beyond expectations.


In 2019, Donna More-Stewart became the Executive Director of The Pollyanna Project, Inc., a non-profit mission that has a legacy which began in 1994 by Ms. Polly, her mother, who is now deceased. Donna was interviewed by News 12 the Bronx, to highlight her best practices in carrying out the Pollyanna Mission. For Donna, this is yet another way to give back to help her community and make a difference in the lives of children. Her motto is ‘Helping One Hand At A Time’.